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Welcome to Bayonet System Supplies

At Bayonet Systems  we make it possible for parents, institutes alike to track and monitor your young ones while they are on transit using our Sparrow Tracking systems.
  1. To obtain the real time location information using GPS for the fleets used for  transport services and measure its performance
  2. To integrate the RFID systems to track the students/ staff at various pick up/drop locations
  3. To generate appropriate MIS reports to improve the efficiency of overall operational performance of the fleet.
  4. Exception alert on En-route delaysroute deviations and short message services
  5. Provide the real time information with respect to the fleets such as location, speed, and stoppage and improves the performance of the resources.
  6. To provide the management information reports related to the Vehicle performance, driver performance to
  7. Analyze the actual planned performance.

GPS | GSM | RFid technology


The device is tracked by a network of satellites which display the precise position to the accuracy of 5 metres.


Information is relayed to the server for storage through the mobile network to later be analysed.

Rfid Card

This is the card containing students/ staff information. This card will be swiped in all time of movement.


The hardware is installed in the bus. It contains the RFid reader and the mobile terminal which is the main unit.

Benefits of a tracking system

Benefits to Institution
  • Real-time status of the bus in-transit
  • Built-in Fleet management, Asset tracking system
  • Be alerted in advance in case of any emergencies
  • Better manage, control & monitor transportation expenses
  • Potential “differentiator” from other institutes
Benefit to parents
  • Be better informed via SMS, email / Voice Alerts
  • Scheduled pick-up & drop Notifications
  • Child’s Boarding / Disembarking Notifications
  • Delay & Emergency Alerts
  • Location monitoring services

Security is everyone’s concern, but it’s our business

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