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Our Services

Learn about our history and work

CCTV Systems

We are Suppliers and Installers of Hikvision CCTV Cameras and Related Products in Kenya!

Bayonet System Supplies has been in business for over 10 years. Our founders have been in the CCTV industry for decades. During this time we have become specialists in creating, implementing and maintaining cutting edge CCTV solutions to a broad range of industries.

One of the many brands of CCTV that we specialize in is Hikvision. If you want a brand that has proved itself in the market then Hikvision is for you. The range of Hikvision products provide many solutions from basic surveillance to advanced video tracking solutions.

Hikvision has established themselves as a global leader in CCTV technology:

What markets or industries are benefited by Hikvision products?
Hikvision CCTV products are suited to home, small office, corporate, sports stadiums, hospitals, warehousing, financial institutions, government facilities and infrastructure and so much more. The broad range of products from entry level to high-end equipment means that we have a Hikvision solution perfect for you.

Hikvision Service Level Agreements Available
Our outstanding service and maintenance standards are what set us apart from the countless other companies providing Hikvision products. We can offer you unparalleled support for your Hikvision system. With a solid SLA in place you can have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your system we will be available both remotely and onsite to fix the issue.

Structured Cabling and Networking

We cater for ALL your Network Installation and Cabling needs!

We provide businesses with the best in complete communications solutions, tailored to meet customers’ individual requirements. We aim to provide our customers with a complete Data, Electrical and Telephone solution. We offer a wide range of products and services including supply, installation and maintenance of Telephony Solutions, Data Cabling encompassing Wireless Networks, High Bandwidth Laser and Power services.

We have years of experience in the design, installation, testing and certification of structured cabling installations that provide the infrastructure for today’s IT and telephone systems. With the increase in the size of data files that are frequently opened across networks, and the ever more popular deployment of Voice Over IP communications, selecting the correct cabling infrastructure, and its quality and performance have never been more essential in achieving maximum value from your investment in technology.

In simple terms, the physical layer of the network – the cabling and terminations – represents the highway over which all network traffic must travel, and the performance of all network interface devices can only be as high or as fast as the highway allows.

Network Installation Tips

  1. With any Network Installation and Network Cabling there is a few aspects that determines a successful Network Installation.
  2. First is the Cable, we only use 100% solid copper cable. Secondly the way the cable is handled during the installation.
  3. Secondly is the Quality of the hardware used like Patch Panels, Wall Boxes etc.
  4. The last step is to make sure to TEST all the Network Points and LABEL them accordingly.

There is no doubt that wired connections that’s based on Ethernet cables usually have faster speed yet lower latency than Wi-Fi connections. And owing to the advanced technology, modern Ethernet cable can communicate at even faster speeds. If it’s a network for your home, office or business, Bayonet System Supplies will install the correct solution that will suit your needs.

Access control systems

Putting the power and information in your hands.

Access Control systems are one of the chief components to managing movement in and out of any business, estate or establishment successfully.

Our systems give you the ability to lock down and manage areas of your business, restricting access to specific times, people and groups.

Prevention is better than cure! Stopping unwanted or restricted people at the “door” is what creates effective security.

This not only helps you just manage access but prevent accidents, reduces your overheads and increases productivity.

No business is alike, they each have different requirements and operate to their own specifications. To support every need, we have created a variety of access control setups that can be introduced into your premises in Nairobi.

ZKTeco Access Control Systems
With over 25 years industry experience, ZKTeco is a world leader in designing and manufacturing biometric access control and time and attendance solutions. Their solutions vary from standalone access control systems to large enterprise solutions suitable for the largest sites. Having sold access control systems in more than 180 countries it is no wonder ZKTeco are known for their technical innovation, reliability and quality when it comes to security and time management solutions.

Biometric Access Control Systems In Kenya 

Door access control systems are dependable automation devices for companies. Their main purpose is to manage entrance to and exit from protected areas, that is, audit office, personnel record center, strong room, etc. Basically, by controlling who enters where and when the biometric solution has achieved its main purposes. Organizations would like to limit movement to particularly very sensitive areas and at the same time be able to query and get records of such authorized access.

Automatic Gate

Remote, swing, sliding automatic gates installers in Kenya.

Bayonet Systems Limited installs automatic sliding and swinging in any part of Kenya. If you are looking for an experienced specialist or consultant for installing an automatic sliding gate at your commercial property or residential house, our company, then you are in the right place. We can install automatic gates anywhere within the country.

Even if it is your first time to buy an autogate, you don’t have to worry as our team of professional consultants will guide and advise you along the way until you find autogate services that meet your desires and preferences. Even as we strive to provide our clients with the most affordable autogate solution, we never compromise on the quality of our products and services. You can expect top quality workmanship and installation services by our reliable team of professional installers. We closely observe the market prices to ensure that our clients get the most competitive pricing and deals from us even for both standard and customized autogate solutions.

Automatic school bell

This automatic bell timer product designed with high performance microcomputer chip, it can automatically switch on the bell according to the fixed time, and realize automatic ring with max. 80 times one day. It is widely used in school, factory and etc.